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Melbourne's new startup accelerator = a big boost for smart energy (and smart cities)


Melbourne's startup scene is heating up with the recent launch of a startup accelerator program for companies working in energy, data analytics and more — and the announcement that candidates have been selected to participate in a separate IoT accelerator program. Click for details.

MEDIA RELEASE: Peak body announces smart cities awards program, appoints industry expert as program chair


Australia’s first national Smart Cities Awards program was announced today at a gathering of industry leaders in Sydney, hosted by the Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ), the peak body representing the smart cities movement in Australia. Speaking at a smart cities workshop in Sydney, SCCANZ Executive Director Adam Beck, announced the awards program, and the appointment of David Singleton as the program’s inaugural Chair.

SCCANZ in Action: Saving the city, one hackathon at a time


Let’s make no mistake, the hackathon is not a fringe, underground cult thing. It’s not a nerdy computer hacker club. It's not just for twenty-somethings who like pizza and Red Bull-fuelled weekends.

This is a tool for city transformation, and market acceleration, and a tool to build the skills our government and industry so desperately needs to equip ourselves for the ongoing task of solving our most wicked urban problems.

How Wellington's getting smart about monitoring water quality


Bad weather has made collecting water quality and related data in Wellington Harbour challenging for scientists in the past. But through an innovative combination of technologies the scientists don’t need to worry about the weather now—because the data they need is just a phone call away.

New ways to 'listen' to your citizens (Think big data and social analytics)


Knowing what your citizens really think is essential for the development of sustainable, liveable smart cities. And knowing how they really feel is even better. Several experts are suggesting that applying social analytics to social media will get us closer to that goal than the approaches we're using now.

SCCANZ in Action: Where the digital and built environment worlds meet


It's been a busy week for the Council as we met with Council Partners and other stakeholders to work toward a better understanding of the best ways to integrate digital systems with the built environment. Read on to learn more about what we're doing to optimise the potential of smart cities.

Ripe for growth: Amid world food crisis, agtech to the rescue


A Singapore news site calls agriculture technology “the new farming tool to boost food security.” Venture arms of tech giants Qualcomm and Cisco recently invested in an Israeli digital ag startup. New Zealand farmers are cutting costs with IoT technology from Schneider Electric. Clearly agtech is booming; read why it matters.

Does your city measure up? National Cities Performance Framework update


The Australian government has been working on a program to gauge how the country's largest cities are performing in a variety of areas (think housing and liveability, for example). Now that program details are available, we thought you'd like to know where it's headed.

SCCANZ in Action: Understanding smart cities standards is essential – and we can help


There's a rich global array of smart cities standards available for the asking. But we need an in-depth understanding of those standards before we can gain the most from them. Read our story to learn about a just-released Guidance Note designed to help raise awareness of the importance of standards and their benefits.