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The Place-Led Smart Cities Approach Transforming Japan


It is a story likely to become more familiar as our communities and cities organically grow, piece on piece. An observation I continue to make - a smart cities strategy that led with technology, only to leave behind the people. In the case of Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City, Japan, it kind of kicked some goals, but you wouldn't claim it was a sustainable community, necessarily. It's aim is to build a futuristic smart city that harmonised people and the environment. But when you want people-first smart cities, there is a 'secret sauce', a set of ingredients, that need to be unearthed. This secret sauce is place. And place is an experience, part feeling, part behavior. It involves the intersection of property development, governance, investment, and urban design, among other attributes.

MEDIA RELEASE: Aurecon Joins Smart Cities Council to Support the Digital Transformation of Cities in Australia and New Zealand


Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand announced today that global design firm Aurecon had joined the organisation to help accelerate sustainability in cities using technology, data, and intelligent design.

What Australia & New Zealand can learn from the U.S. Smart City Challenge


The U.S. Department of Transportation, as part of the $40 million Smart City Challenge program, has published the lessons learned about the transportation challenges America's cities face and about the innovative solutions that could help us meet those those challenges. In this article, Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, Adam Beck, asks "what can Australia and New Zealand learn from this program.

Some key activities from SCCANZ in 2017


SCCANZ has a lot installed for 2017, as we enter a critical year in the region’s advancement of smart cities. From design review panels for smart cities projects, and smart cities studio meet-up's, to the Australian adaptation of the hugely successful White House Challenge in the US. 2017 is set to be a busy year for SCCANZ as we continue to help catalyse the smart cities marketplace in the region. Here is just a snapshot of what to expect.

What we are creating in 2017


For more than four years, SCC has been a global leader in developing resources for government and industry to help build capacity and prepare organisations for taking advantage of the opportunity to accelerate sustainable cities outcomes through the application of technology, use of data, and embodying intelligent design. Here’s just a few resources you will see from us in 2017.