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Is Australia finally going to get high-speed rail?


An Australia-based consortium announced a plan last year to build a high-speed rail network to connect Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney – and eight commuter smart cities. Now that the details of the plan have been filled in, the proposal will be sent to the federal government at the end of this month.

SCCANZ In Action: You know about the Maroochydore City Centre development, right?


A new city centre regeneration project on Queensland's Sunshine Coast hasn't been getting a lot of attention. But it's proving to be a model for how to use technology as an accelerator for sustainability. Click to learn more. It could be the right fit for your smart city plans.

How one research institute intends to fix the smart cities "growth problem"


Rapid population growth causes a variety of problems for cities: overcrowded roads, overburdened health care systems, inadequate affordable housing and many more. They aren't easy challenges to deal with, but a new research institute is betting its collaborative strategy will find the right solutions.