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MEDIA RELEASE: Aurecon Joins Smart Cities Council to Support the Digital Transformation of Cities in Australia and New Zealand


Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand announced today that global design firm Aurecon had joined the organisation to help accelerate sustainability in cities using technology, data, and intelligent design.

Water utilities: Dump your old business model (because you need a new one now)


We're in a water crisis. In about 10 years, the UN says two-thirds of the world's population will face water stress: lower quality water and less of it. As excruciating as it may be for conservative, risk-averse water utilities, it's going to take a complete re-evaluation of how they do business if water quality is to be preserved. Read the story for some tough advice from an industry professional.

New app promises to find extra parking spaces for your downtown


Cities are experimenting with several smart approaches to reduce congestion and solve parking problems. But what about all those vacant spaces in parking garages? An Australian businessman has some thoughts about that, and what he has to say just might interest city managers looking for ways to reduce congestion and find more parking for their residents.