Centre for Civic Information - Expression of Interest Pack

Since its inception, the smart cities movement has been about people. Enhancing quality of life, building prosperity, and furthering health outcomes are but some of its goals.

A city isn’t smart because it uses technology. A city is smart because it uses technology to make its citizens’ lives better. And improving citizens lives is at the core of our work.

We believe that digitally engaged communities are a key to helping turn the idea of a smart city into reality – for the people who live in the city, who work in the city and the people who have hopes and dreams for the kind of city they will leave for future generations.

The Centre for Civic Innovation is being launched to nurture a new mindset and practice of building digitally engaged communities, and embracing the value that data plays in helping us engage and unlock the wisdom of the community and other stakeholders.

A key function of the Centre will be to build the capacity and capability of government and industry.

Are you interested in participating? Download the Expression of Interest pack here.