2020 SCCANZ Strategy

Mon, 2020-02-17 17:39 -- Adam Beck

We are delighted to share with you our 2020 Strategy for the region, providing information on our goals, enablers and core programs.

Guided by our vision to be the regions peak body for smart cities advocacy and action, and to support the use of technology and data to accelerate outcomes for our communities in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Council has focused on four core programs for 2020. These programs include:

  1. Local Government Smart Cities Network (LGSCN) - the most active network of local government smart cities representatives in the region. With more than 70 cities and towns now members, this group of policy makers and practitioners is actively sharing knowledge, building capacity and networking
  2. Centre for Data Leadership (CfDL) - an initiative by the Council to dedicate more resources to extend our existing work into the field of data leadership helping raise awareness of the role of data in generating insights for cities, and how this can accelerate greater liveability, workability and sustainability in our communities.
  3. Smart Cities Activator - a real time online collaborative platform for enhancing liveability, workability and sustainability outcomes in cities and towns through best practice scoping, design and financing tools and knowledge resources. In addition to Activator’s project planning resources, it has a global project register (called Activator Exchange) of smart cities projects generated by cities. This allows cities to connect with their peers and share, network and potentially partner.
  4. Smart Cities Week - the premier gathering of smart cities leaders, who come together to network, exchange and create opportunities for accelerating the region’s sustainability through technology and data solutions. It is also the platform for rewarding leadership through the Australian Smart Cities Awards. Every year the SCW program is designed from the ground up as a dialogue-based event. This style of event yields greater networking, intelligence gathering and participation among delegates when compared to traditional smart cities events in the market.

You can download our 2020 Strategy below.

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