2020 smart cities events not to be missed

Mon, 2020-01-06 07:27 -- Adam Beck

Each year SCCANZ supports important smart and sustainable cities events that we believe help accelerate investment in smarter, more sustainable cities. With more and more private events popping up for the purpose of profit only, its sometimes hard to determine which ones are seriously building capacity within government and industry and are genuine about igniting longer term transformation. 
To help, we have taken the guess work out of this, and assembled the top five events for 2020 that we believe are rich in content and meaningfully structured to focus on digital transformation and sustainable community development. These events cover what we believe are the critical issues for our cities and communities in the coming years, such as innovation in smart infrastructure, climate change abatement, social equity and technology and data and insights enabled leadership. Here are our top five for Australia and New Zealand:
  1. March 24-25, TRANSFORM - Sydney, Green Building Council of Australia
  2. May 11-17, Melbourne Knowledge Week - Melbourne, City of Melbourne
  3. May 18-24, NZ Tech Week - New Zealand, NZ Tech
  4. August 26-28, Smart Cities Week Australia - Melbourne, Smart Cities Council
  5. October 2020, IoT Impact - Sydney, Internet of Things Alliance Australia

Internationally, we recommend the following events: