ASEAN Giant Releases Smart Cities Framework

Sat, 2019-09-28 06:43 -- Adam Beck

Malaysia’s Ministry for Housing and Local Government has released the Malaysia Smart Cities Framework this week, the latest nation in the region to signal its commitment to embedding technology and data in its future vision.

The Framework drives change through an all of government (three tiers) approach to smart cities, that strategically seeks to engage the private sector to help catalyse greater coordination and streamlining of process. But the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Ms Zuraida Kamaruddin clearly highlighted a core purpose of the Framework is to enhance quality of life for the countries nearly 33 million population.

The country’s Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir, referenced the upcoming 12th Malaysia Plan as being a platform to advance smart cities, with the Framework being the first phase of expressing their smart cities commitment.

He said that “we envision smart cities that are integrated with sustainable technologies in the cities services such as 5G connectivity, cashless community, autonomous public transport, drone delivery, energy-efficient buildings, smart treatment of water and waste management.

“The release of the Framework sends a clear message to business and industry that the government is primed and ready to explore pilot projects, facilitate peer exchange and generate other opportunities that help position Malaysia as a smart cities leader in the region”, said Kok-Chin Tay, ASEAN Lead for the Smart Cities Council (SCC).

Mr Tay observed that this commitment from the Malaysian government will be a significant opportunity to help the nation in three key areas, namely (1) a unified strategy for smart cities development, (2) facilitating a coordinated foreign direct investment effort and (3) better citizen engagement”.

Speaking about his visit to Kula Lumpur earlier in the year, including a visit to the smart cities team within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Adam Beck from the SCC’s Australia and New Zealand region said “It was a delight to meet with the team to share best practices from Australia, and provide key reference documents to the team such as the Smart Cities Readiness Guide and the Code for Smart Communities.”