To build the city smart, we need to design it that way first

Mon, 2019-09-16 07:22 -- Adam Beck

The physical manifestation of what is the city, is the result of many hands shaping its component parts. Urban planners, architects, engineers, economists and urban designers to name a few.

There is a deep and diverse set of professions that plan, design, build and manage our built and natural environment. It is an extensive supply chain that has been trained in deploying their skills, knowledge and capacity to shape a better world.

And what we feel and expereince in our daily lives is often the direct result of the physical built environment. Our buildings, our streets, our transportation systems.

The Smart Cities Council and Consult Australia partnered to develop the ‘Smart Cities Guide for Built Environment Consultants’. It defines and sets out the functions of a smart city and includes a checklist for collaboration across the sector among the built environment professions. 

The ‘Guide’ contrasts differences between traditional project challenges with smart city outcomes, and provides a series of questions for consultants to assess their clients, with respect to smart city awareness, technology and related strategy. It provides practical guidance on how built environment practitioners can embed smart cities opportunities into their projects, and catalyse sustainability outcomes for their projects.

You can download the Guide below.