Built Environment Task Force

Thu, 2017-05-04 13:57 -- SCC Staff

The Built Environment Task Force represents a selection of built environment professions and sectors that are critical to ensure that core city-building processes – such as urban planning, design, architecture, asset management, and research – are advancing the opportunities of smart cities technology, and data driven decision making. 

Task Force Goal
The Built Environment Task Force will provide a forum to advance smart cities dialogue and action in city building processes, and better understand the opportunities at the intersection of technology, intelligent design, and the built and social environments. This in turn will build greater opportunities for the successful procurement and deployment of smart cities solutions that are critical to achieving sustainable city outcomes.

Task Force Outcomes
The Task Force will provide a forum to advance the following:

  • Stimulating and accelerating dialogue in key areas where the planning, design and management of the built environment intersects with technology and intelligent design (eg. autonomous vehicles, district utilities, urban management dashboards, civic technology).
  • Developing policy positions, advocacy statements, and other input to support the advancement of smart cities policy mechanisms.
  • Production of thought leadership materials for building greater awareness of smart cities and the benefits of embracing technology, data, and intelligent design.
  • Identification of research and development needs, and engaging with research partners.
  • Guidance on built environment issues relevant to the Council’s other activities (eg. Smart Cities Readiness Guide, events, Smart Cities Week), and its partners.
  • Networking between urban leaders, peer-to-peer learning, and information exchange.


The Task Force currently includes:

  • Sarah Barnes – Consultant Cities Advisor, Data61
  • Chris Buntine – ESD Leader, Aurecon
  • Steve Bushby - Senior Consultant: Urban Regeneration and Smart Cities, Urban Bio
  • David Cooke – Director, City Collective
  • Gavin Cotterill – Consulting Director, Asia Pacific, PCSG
  • David Edwards – eSolutions Manager, Waverley Council
  • Professor Marcus Foth – Director, QUT Design Hub
  • Brian Irwin – Director, IGS
  • Chris Isles – Executive Director Planning, Place Design Group
  • Kevin Keith - ACT Lead, Consult Australia
  • Kylie Legge – Director, Place Partners and Place Score
  • Laura Lukin – Director, Macu Design
  • Simon McPherson - Director, Global South
  • Professor Rob Roggema – Professor, Sustainable Urban Environment, University of Technology Sydney
  • Rachel Smith – Author and Consultant
  • James Tuma – National Director Design, Urbis
  • Carolyn Vigar – Partner, Tanom Legal