Community of practice to engage in 5G opportunities

Wed, 2019-11-27 13:19 -- Adam Beck

The Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) invites government stakeholders at all levels to join our 5G Community of Practice.

This forum will facilitate dialogue and exchange among multi-sector stakeholders who have an interest in learning more and building their readiness to engage with this next generation technology enabler that is anticipated to help power greater liveability, workability and sustainability outcomes for our communities.

This forum comes off the back of a hugely successful gathering of 5G policy makers, practitioners and solution providers at Smart Cities Week Asutralia in Late October, where more than 50 stakeholders gathered to paticipate in Australia's first 5G Rediness Workshop.

This forum will be made up of public sector stakeholders, the research community and SCCANZ members. Monthly on-line discovery sessions, a project exchange platform and an annual in-person gathering form part of the scope of this forum.

The Community of Practice will commence in February 2020, and registrations of interest are now open until Friday December 13.

Public sector stakeholders and representatives from academia can register an interest here.