Council passes 5,000 member milestone. Have you joined yet?

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Thu, 2014-11-06 01:00 -- Liz Enbysk

Recently hired as the Manager of Information and Communication Technology for the city of Ashfield – a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia – Bruno Daniele became the Smart Cities Council's 5,000th member when he registered on the site last week.

Daniele, who came from a private sector post to join the municipality six weeks ago, says he was hired "to help spark and create Ashfield to be an innovative city, in fact help shape Ashfield to become the most innovative council within Sydney."

They have started to map out and begin this transformation, and that’s how he stumbled upon the Smart Cities Council website.

Daniele says he specializes in large-scale change, transformations, innovation, solution design, project management and agile processes. His ambition for Ashfield – a city of 41,214 (2011) – is to attract talent and create a hub for entrepreneurial, tech and innovation.

"With our smaller size, combined with a solid infrastructure," he adds, "I believe we can do it."

And as a Council member, Daniele has what's believed to be the web's largest source of free smart city tools, resources and case studies.

You can join the Council too
People from every continent have joined the Smart Cities Council. Membership is free and requires completion of a simple, one-time registration form. When you register, you'll enjoy a number of benefits, including access to premium, members-only resources such as the:

  • Smart Cities Readiness Guide which is a comprehensive framework for a smart city, against which city leaders can assess their readiness to innovate – identifying a path, taking next steps and measuring progress
  • Smart Cities Financing Guide that provides detailed, expert analysis of 28 municipal finance tools for city leaders investing in the future
  • Smart Cities Open Data Guide which is a primer to help create data-driven cities; it's loaded with tools, resources and advice
  • Smart Cities Apps Gallery that showcases over 200 examples of how cities are using free smartphone apps to communicate and engage with citizens 24/7

Members also receive reduced fees to SCC-sponsored events and a free weekly newsletter that highlights smart city tools, case studies, news and trends. Register now >>