Dijon is on: Creating a smart cities platform to operate the French city’s infrastructure

Thu, 2018-04-19 07:19 -- Adam Beck

In eastern France, Dijon is advancing its aspirations to being a smart city, but in collaboration with its neighbours. The French city is joining forces with surrounding towns to embark on a €105 million information technology project that will improve city operations while helping save money on street lighting, traffic management and public safety.

SCCANZ Associate Partner Suez, in partnership with EDF's Citelum and other major companies like Bouygues and Capgemini, is embarking on a city-wide project to connect services like lighting through open data and smart city apps, thereby saving up to 65% in public lighting costs.

Beyond apps, citizens will have the power to contact public services straight from their cell phones, signalling any problems they may be experiencing and ensuring a speedy response. The control centre is just the first phase of the plan as the city aims to put geotags on 205 vehicles and radio tags on another 130, which will lead to the “connected management of public spaces,” allowing the city to institute smart practices that can prioritize traffic and renovations, making Dijon — and the surrounding towns — technologically more progressive and efficient.

“Thanks to digital data generated by connected public facilities, Dijon metropolitan area wants to develop a unique smart city initiative, offering its residents new public services and open urban governance based on open data,” according to Suez.

Thanks to the video below, we can take a closer look at the digital services this 12-year project will deliver, and how it will provide dramatic and lasting benefits for the city’s residents and businesses. — Adam Beck