Engagement at SCC 2020

Tue, 2020-01-28 13:29 -- Adam Beck

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand is the regions leading smart cities knowledge partner and networking facilitator. Whether you’re seeking government only peer-to-peer networking, or multi-sector project discovery opportunities, SCCANZ has opportunities to build your knowledge, network and create projects.

Our portfolio of engagement platforms for 2020 covers a diversity of opportunities to engage at all levels. This includes listening to podcast interviews and reading quality editorial all the way up the spectrum to actively engaging in project scoping and developing knowledge resources with your peers.

Some of the platforms available to our members and other stakeholders include our multiple communities of practice, action oriented task forces, think tanks and workshops, and deeper peer exchange using the Smart Cities Activator.

You can download our summary of engagement platforms below, or visit our Opportunity Calendar here.

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