The Future Cities Launchpad -- accelerating the growth of our future smart cities leaders

Wed, 2017-09-20 09:01 -- Adam Beck

It started with one email, then another, and another. Young smart cities leaders seeking an opportunity to connect, engage and contribute to the smart cities movement.

Over the past few months, SCCANZ has been discussing with young practitioners their interests and needs in more actively participating in the smart cities agenda here in Australia. These young men and women are trained in urban planning and development, social science, data analytics and information technology. And they have one thing in common, which is to engage in the industry activity around smart cities, IoT and digital transformation.

Our discussions have identified their interest to more deeply engage with industry dialogue, network with their peers, contribute to smart cities initiatives and have their voices represented in key forums. They are ready to mobilise, and roll up their sleeves and contribute.

In its capacity as the peak smart cities body focussed on building a movement and market place, SCCANZ is acutely aware of the importance of investing in the smart cities 'now, and the necessity of nurturing the 'next'.

In response, SCCANZ is co-creating a program with young smart cities leaders, called the Future Cities Launchpad. It will be created by young smart cities leaders, for young smart cities leaders. SCCANZ will provide some critical infrastructure and support, but it will be led by members of the Launchpad.

Above all, the Launchpad will seek to achieve one big idea — to provide a platform for young smart cities leaders where they can unleash their contribution to the smart cities movement.

If you are a young smart cities leader seeking to deeply engage in the smart cities movement, the Launchpad may be of interest. We are keen to gather more feedback and refine our current thinking.

Interested? Email SCCANZ’s Adam Beck (

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