Good Legislation to make COVIDSafe Trustworthy

Sun, 2020-05-03 13:01 -- Adam Beck

Spearheaded by Peter Leonard, a team of leading Australian privacy professionals and academics consider that more is needed to ensure community trust in uptake of the COVIDsafe contact tracing app at this crucial time in pandemic management. They argue that there is a strong public purpose in both deploying a contact tracing app and ensuring meaningful and consistent controls around what happens to personal information of the community.

The team that includes SCCANZ Partner, Nicole Stephensen of Ground Up Consulting, has put together a paper for the Australian Government identifying key opportunities to address community privacy protection and matters of ‘shared risk’ impacting the States and Territories who will access COVIDsafe data for contact tracing purposes.

The paper makes pragmatic recommendations to support the Government’s promised final legislation for the contact tracing app and data store.

This paper is presently with the Attorney-General's Department, with the awareness of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and the Human Rights Commissioner. 

SCCANZ through its Centre for Data Leadership initiaitve proudly supports strong public policy in matters involving data governance and privacy affecting our cities and communities.

A PDF copy is attached below for reference.

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