The Liberal-National Coalition has been returned to Government – what does this mean for smart cities?

Tue, 2019-05-21 07:23 -- Adam Beck

This past weekend has seen a Scott Morrison-led Liberal-National Coalition returned to Government. Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition, and in our role as the peak organisation for smart cities in the nation, we are primed to work with the new government to ensure the nation invests in technology strategies and builds a data culture to enhance our national prosperity and competitiveness.

In the lead up to the election SCCANZ released its 2019 national priorities platform to help stimulate future policy around smart cities and digital transformation. This platform advocates for a range of initiatives we believe must be advanced over the coming political term if we are to maintain the momentum we have seen over the past two years, and build the foundations for a smart nation that will enhance our global competitiveness as well as maintain our high level of liveability - a key attribute of our national prosperity.

SCCANZ will seek to work with the new Government to cover all aspects of our policy priorities, being:

  1. Infrastructure and the Built Environment - by advancing our Digital Built Australia Initiative and creating a National Smart Mobility Framework
  2. Regional Growth - by ensuring that dedicated funding is provided to growing smart regions opportunities
  3. Incubating Investment, Scaling Outcomes - by renewing the Smart Cities and Suburbs program and embedding minimum smart cities requirements in all existing and City Deals
  4. Transformed Decision Making - by building a level of data maturity and consistency across national, state, territory and local government.

SCCANZ will be mobilising its Policy and Leadership Task Force to help in preparing an incoming smart cities plan for the Liberal-National Coalition, and advocating for rapid action to ensure the smart cities agenda returns to an active and impactful one that continues to catalyse investment in technology and data solutions that drive greater liveability, sustainability and workability.

The past two years has seen the Coalition Government successfully stimulate critical activity and investment in smart cities, helping boost Australia's position globally. The next two years will determine if our nation can build on that platform and position itself as the global leader in the digital and data-driven economy.


Adam Beck, Executive Director Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand