The Many Different Global Flavors of Open Data Initiatives at Smart Cities Week Global 2020

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Wed, 2020-09-09 00:51 -- Philip Bane

Led by Carlos Rivero, the CDO for the Commonwealth of Virginia (USA), this panel at Smart Cities Week Global 2020 will be exploring how cities around the world are implementing open data initiatives.

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From China to Mexico, many cities are sharing data with the public to improve transparency and invite collaboration. We will review how several different cities have implemented open data initiatives and have a special panel of experts who will review these use cases and answer questions from the audience. The goal is to do a deep dive into what makes open data initiatives work and how other cities can improve their own implementations.

Why focus on Open Data?

An excellent Data Sharing Toolkit developed by the Smart Dubai Department and NESTA (UK) and published in March 2020 highlights both the advantages and barriers to organizations sharing data. Reviewing over fifty (50) use cases, the report concluded that data sharing should be a goal and required practice for both the government and private sector; but that there was no fixed approach to navigate the unique, ever-changing actors, capacity or regulation.

The Toolkit identifies several types of data sharing - including several that provide access to the public - specifically (i) data commons, (ii) data collaboratives, and (iii) open data API(s.) The ToolKit also provides some very good examples of open data iniatitive -