MEDIA ALERT: Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand expands network

Thu, 2018-04-19 06:32 -- Adam Beck

Accenture is the latest organisation to join the world’s largest network of ‘smart cities’ companies supporting the liveability, workability and sustainability of cities in a rapidly digitised world.

Signing on as an Associate Partner of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ), Accenture will be helping cities to reinvent themselves digitally and build their economic competitiveness.

Speaking about the partnership, SCCANZ Executive Director Adam Beck said, “Accenture brings a deep knowledge of smart city transformation, helping governments deliver world leading services for its citizens.

“Accenture’s diversity in smart cities services spans from utilities to blockchain, digital architecture and artificial intelligence – all of which are key elements of our future smart cities.”

Janine Griffiths, Accenture’s Infrastructure, Cities and Councils Lead for Australia and New Zealand said, “With one of the largest digital practices in the market, our partnership with SCCANZ will help us build a greater awareness of the benefits of artificial intelligence, robotics, design thinking and user experience for cities and citizens.

“Collaboration with industry bodies such as SCCANZ is critical for building broader marketplace awareness of the opportunities coming from new and emerging technologies to help us shape more resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities.”

Accenture has been involved with local government agencies for a number of years, supporting the delivery of enterprise transformation agendas to drive operational efficiencies and deliver smart city initiatives.