MEDIA RELEASE: Australia’s first Smart Cities Week takes shape: 29-31 October 2018 in Sydney

Wed, 2018-02-14 01:57 -- Adam Beck

Smart Cities Week, the global event of the Smart Cities Council, will make its way to Australia in late October 2018.

The Council, which is the largest global coalition of smart cities companies, practitioners and policy makers, has announced today that its signature event will take place in Sydney from 29-31 October.

Adam Beck, Executive Director for Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ), says Smart Cities Week will bring together the Asia Pacific’s leading smart cities policy makers, practitioners and product providers.

“Smart Cities Week will redefine the smart cities conference in Australia, by showcasing the best innovations and brightest ideas from around the region,” Mr Beck says.

The program will be based around five key experiences: the boardroom, the lab, the institute, the stage and the agora.

“Our aim is to spark dialogue and business development, and to accelerate learning so people go away with practical ideas that can be implemented straight away,” Mr Beck says.

Another key feature of the event will be the inaugural Australian Smart Cities Awards, which Mr Beck says will “reward regional leadership and celebrate the best practice work.”

Additional program features of Smart Cities Week Australia include a property technology summit, research forum and smart nations asia-pacific roundtable.

Smart Cities Week Australia joins the Council’s three other major events being hosted in 2018, including Hyderabad, India in March, Silicon Valley in May and its largest international event in early October in Washington DC.

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