MEDIA RELEASE: Darwin leads again on smart cities - First to join global project exchange

Mon, 2020-03-16 06:57 -- Adam Beck

Following its nation leading ‘Switching on Darwin’ smart cities deployment, the City of Darwin has again demonstrated its commitment to digital innovation by becoming the first Australian city to join a global smart cities project exchange.

Earlier this month the City became the first in Australia to ‘go live’ in the Smart Cities Activator Exchange, a global register of smart cities projects hosted by the Smart Cities Council.

“Darwin’s use of the Activator platform means it will be joining hundreds of cities around the world to connect, share and collaborate on smart cities projects,” says Adam Beck, Executive Director of SCC Australia New Zealand. “With an emerging pipeline of smart cities projects being considered by the City, this is an ideal way to engage with their peers around the nation, and the world.”

CEO for the City of Darwin, Scott Waters, added “having real-time access to other cities and projects around the world allows our future investments in smart cities to be rigorously informed by best practice.” “By learning from our peers, and exchanging lessons learned, the City will save time, money and deliver the best value to our community.”

The Smart Cities Activator platform is a real-time project scoping platform for smart cities projects, with the added functionality of project sharing. “Cities can filter a global register of real-life projects being developed for cities by cities,” Mr Beck says.

“We believe we have created a world first with Activator, and having Darwin take the lead as Australia’s first City to join this global community is an exciting proposition,” Mr Beck says.

“We are delighted to be using the Activator platform to help shape the next phase of our smart cities journey,” says Mr Waters. “Not only do we get to learn from cities around the world, but we also get to share with other cities the work we have been leading here.”

“Our efforts in using technology and data solutions to build greater trust and transparency, and stimulate social and economic value for our community is something we want to share with the world, and we now have a platform to support that,” Mr Waters says.


For media enquiries contact Adam Beck ( or 0422 496 043).