MEDIA RELEASE: Mobility the next front for smart cities movement

Fri, 2018-03-09 01:17 -- Adam Beck

The Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) announced today a number of initiatives that will see the future of mobility become a key focus of the organisation’s activities for 2018 and beyond in the Australia New Zealand region.

Adam Beck, Executive Director for SCCANZ, which is part the largest coalition of smart cities companies, practitioners and policy makers in the world, announced today from the UrbanismNext Conference in Portland Oregon, that it will advance two key initiatives as part of its new Urban Mobility Task Force.

“We are excited to announce our Connected and Autonomous Vehicle City Design Initiative (CAV-CDI),” Beck said, “which will see the Council focus on the systematic exploration of the secondary effects of CAV’s on city development, form and design, and the opportunities to enhance sustainability, resiliency, equity, and liveability in our communities.”

To supplement this initiative, SCCANZ announced it has joined the alliance of organisations advancing the Shared Mobility Principles for Liveable Cities, a new set of shared mobility principles, drafted by a consortium of transport experts led by Zipcar Co-Founder Robin Chase, and are designed to help guide urban decision-makers and stakeholders toward the best outcomes for all.

Of the Council’s partnership to advance the principles in Australia and New Zealand, Chase commented that “we are excited to have Smart Cities Council ANZ partnering with us to build momentum around the principles, and the role they will play in catalysing action towards developments in technology, operational systems, ownership and business models that lead to more livable, sustainable and just cities.”

Beck commented further that “advancing these two key initiatives will be a critical role of the Council’s new Urban Mobility Task Force, and we are pleased to announce Sara Stace as its Chair, who is currently Executive Director of LinkPlace, Co-Founder and Director of the start-up Super Loci and previous Director within the Australian Government’s Major Cities Unit.”

SCCANZ has called for expressions of interest for it’s Urban Mobility Task Force, with further information available here.