MEDIA RELEASE: Young Innovators Network for Smart Cities Launches

Fri, 2017-12-15 06:56 -- Adam Beck

The peak body for smart cities in Australia and New Zealand has announced the establishment of a network for young emerging innovators, an initiative seeking to drive emerging leadership within the smart cities movement in Australia and New Zealand. Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) Executive Director Adam Beck launched the initiative as the first cohort of its founding members was announced today.

“The Smart Cities Council Emerging Innovators (SCCEI) has been launched to nurture our future smart cities leaders, and embrace the opportunity that comes with giving them a voice, and seat at the table,” according to Beck.

“When we are creating a movement that focusses on the use of technology and data to help shape better communities of the future, it is critical that we invite our future leaders to not only participate, but to help fundamentally shape it,” Beck says.

Also announced was the interim structure of the initiative, which involves building state, territory and city-based hubs to coordinate local action while embracing smart technologies to foster an inclusive, collaborative network interconnecting all members across Australia and New Zealand. “We have a group of founding leaders activated in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington (New Zealand) so far, and look forward to building our network of emerging innovators in 2018,” says Nicholas Kamols, one of the initiatives leaders, and an urban planner turned start-up entrepreneur.

Another leader within the network, Zoe Eather, a tech advocate and civil engineer said, “what unites our network is a passion for embracing the potential for the smart cities agenda to fundamentally create better cities for people.”

SCCANZ will help support the operation of the network, and draw upon its members to participate in SCCANZ activities and Task Forces. Beck said, “it is time that we actively engage our young entrepreneurs and smart cities advocates in our industry, and we believe the Emerging Innovators initiative will go a long way in bringing a fresh and diverse voice to our activities, and that of our industry more broadly.”

The SCCEI network is seeking new members, and would like to hear from young practitioners across diverse sectors, including technology, data, the built environment and other professions that represent social and economic systems. Further information can be found here.