Meet Arcadis’ new Global Smart Cities Lead

Tue, 2019-11-05 03:13 -- Adam Beck

What are the burning issues that keep Jamye Harrison up at night? We checked in with Arcadis’ new Global Smart Cities Lead at Smart Cities Week.

  1. Smart is about people, not technology. Jamye is passionate about human-centred design – and this is what sits at the heart of a truly smart city.“We tend to see ‘smart’ as synonymous with technology – which is why we so often make smart cities a tech-based discussion. But the narrative about smart cities is actually about human-centred design.” So, start the narrative by exploring how the smart city will enhance the human experience, Jamye advises.
  2. Think journey, not destination. “A smart city isn’t a destination,” Jamye says. Too often we talk about smart cities with a sense of urgency – and there has been a lot of money invested in them recently. But a smart city is more than a “big splash” of projects. It’s one that is “wired, designed and built” to evolve as the needs of humans change. A smart city is one that creates an environment for ongoing innovation.
  3. Look beyond our own backyard. While the smart cities space been dominated by technology and built environment players to date –“and that’s been important” as we gather steam – Jamye says it is time to bring everyone on board. Everyone from community groups to consumer electronics companies have a stake in the smart city, so invite them into the tent. “We need to be inclusive at the micro level – but we need to also think about inclusion at the macro level for smart cities.”

Jamye Harrison was just one of the many industry leaders who gathered to share their insights and expertise at Smart Cities Week in Sydney from 30 October to 1 November. Missed out? Join us in Melbourne in 2020.