New Partner Buddy Platform Announced at Future Street Exhibition

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) today announced that Buddy Platform Ltd (Buddy), a leading Internet of Things and smart cities business, has joined the Council as Innovation Partner.

The announcement coincided with Buddy’s participation in this week’s Future Street exhibition, a smart city installation in Sydney supported by SCCANZ, the Internet of Things Alliance and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

In joining the Council, Buddy will also join the Built Environment Taskforce, which helps to promote the value of data driven decision making in Australian buildings, towns and cities.

“Buddy helps customers to unlock valuable data and insight about how their buildings use energy. With more accessible data, building owners and city planners can make data-driven decisions to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs,” SCCANZ Executive Director Adam Beck explained. “Buddy Platform is a terrific new addition to our membership and to our Built Environment Taskforce.”

Whilst every smart city strategy is different, using technology to reduce the carbon emissions of cities is a common objective of smart city strategies around the world.

“Across Australia, we are talking to businesses and city leaders about how their smart city strategy can reduce the environmental impact of their city. It makes sense to start with buildings and the built environment given they contribute about 40% of a cities’ overall CO2 emissions,” said Beck.

With Australian energy prices at an all-time high, Adam Schultz, General Manager of Buddy Platform in Australia, agreed.

“Energy monitoring and efficiency is an easy and affordable place for any city to start on its smart city journey. Smart buildings are the building blocks of any smart city and we are looking forward to playing an active part in the development of Australia’s smart cities,” Adam Schultz said. “Our technology is already helping provide new insights for global operators and tenants to be smarter about their energy consumption to ultimately drive down their monthly resource cost. Our industry standard sensors track electricity, water, and steam consumption, as well as solar power generation.”

Launched in March 2017, Buddy Platform’s Ohm product is an affordable and innovative service that helps building owners, managers and tenants to better monitor and manage their resource consumption. Whether a facility already has a large-scale building management system or not, Buddy Ohm is able to provide new value, additional insights for building owners and operators and tenants to better understand and reduce resource spending.