Partner Spotlight: News for Buddy, Deloitte, and more

Thu, 2017-12-21 07:26 -- Adam Beck


Scroll down for quick news takes on Smart Cities Council ANZ partners.

Place Design Group weaves digital layer through the landscape

The street is public space, our space. We spend a lot of our time moving through this space and experience its many competing interests and uses daily. What would you include, feature or what story would you have decided to tell if you had the opportunity to reimagine the function of street? Where would you start? Here’s what Place Design Group created when asked to design the street of the future. Read more here.

Buddy on democratising building energy data through IoT

Buddy is on a mission to ensure that access to building resource consumption data is as simple as possible. Because as the saying goes, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. And the Buddy Ohm platform brings the opportunity to ensure that all buildings, of any size, has access to technology to provide a real-time, closed feedback loop on resource consumption. Join their discussion - #FreeTheData. Read more here.

Deloitte is shaping innovation districts as a platform for city innovation

Fuelling the transformation of our major growth areas through innovation is something Deloitte has been busy on this year. On the back of their acclaimed Shaping Future Cities: Designing Western Sydney report, communities such as the Westmead Innovation District are fast becoming centrepieces in the Australian economy. Read more here.