Partner Spotlight: News for KPMG, Arcadis, and more

Mon, 2017-12-18 07:51 -- Adam Beck

What's the latest smart cities news for the region? Scroll down for quick news takes on Smart Cities Council ANZ partners.

KPMG will take you through a Smart City Maturity Assessment

Smart City initiatives are a vital way for local governments to respond to their mounting challenges. No matter where a city lies within their Smart City transformation journey, establishing a clear baseline maturity level is a fundamental element in evaluating the current state and providing a focus for future Smart City plans and ambitions. Find out more about KPMG’s leading smart city maturity assessment model here.

Arcadis shines spotlight on how Australia moves, releasing its Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Australian cities are rapidly developing and investing in integrated mobility systems to meet the needs of the future but are currently behind other global comparable cities.

Most Australian cities sit around the middle of the Index. A lack of comprehensive underground metro systems and dependence on private vehicles deters mobility in Australian cities, and all have less travel made by foot, bike and public transport than their peer cities. Check out the full assessment here.

PCSG on a Digital Built Australia

In Australia – the world’s sixth largest country – as in the UK, the future of the built environment sector forms a central plank of the economic and political debate.

But whilst the UK is forging ahead with its Digital Built Britain programme to digitise the entire life-cycle of its built assets, improve productivity and reduce waste through the wide-spread utilisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the Australian commonwealth government currently lags. PCSG has a plan to change that. Read more about the Digital Built Australia proposal here.