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Smart Cities Readiness Guide
The Smart Cities Readiness Guide is the world’s leading publication designed to help you create a vision for your city, build an action plan and measure your progress. Full of best practices and case studies, it is based on the experiences of cities like yours and the advice of the world’s foremost smart cities researchers and practitioners.
Readiness Workshops
The Smart Cities Council can work hands-on with cities, helping them to use technology to become more livable, workable and sustainable. The Council’s Readiness Program is a comprehensive menu of services that includes training and events, workshops, and action planning that help cities transform.
Australia/New Zealand Information Center
The Information Center is full of white papers, case studies, videos and other resources on a wide range of topics, offering you inspiration and best practices to help you on your smart city journey.


Join 100,000 smart cities leaders worldwide who are inspired by and learn from the Council’s biweekly newsletter. It is packed with case studies and new approaches that you can put to work in your city. Special Theme Editions cover critical issues in depth.

Smart Cities Chronicles Podcast

The Smart Cities Chronicles is the premier podcast for smart cities action, investment and outcomes. From case studies, project highlights and postmortems to emerging practices, new releases and opportunity updates. Subscribe, plug-in and listen to the issues that matter most in catalysing smart cities action and investment.


Policy Brief: Smart Infrastructure Unlocks Equity and Prosperity for Our Cities and Towns
As the U.S. election season focuses attention on national priorities, the Smart Cities Council has released an important policy brief detailing how smart infrastructure investments in our cities and towns will create jobs and promote greater prosperity for all. 
Smart Street Lighting 101
This eBook is packed with useful information and brief case studies highlighting the benefits cities are accruing as they move to integrated street light networks that can serve as a backbone for other smart city applications.
Smart Cities Open Data Guide
This non-technical primer highlights lessons learned and best practices from open data initiatives around the world and provides city leaders and staff tools, resources and advice for creating a data-driven city.
Smart Cities Financing Guide
This Guide developed for the Council by the Center for Urban Innovation at Arizona State University provides expert analysis of 28 municipal finance tools for city leaders investing in smart technologies to drive a more intelligent future for their cities.
Smart Cities Solutions

From reducing energy use to accelerating economic development, from making neighborhoods safer to helping people get to their destinations faster, Smart Cities Solutions offers practical advice to help solve your city’s biggest pain points.

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