SCCANZ In Action: 2017's greatest hits

Wed, 2017-12-20 10:40 -- Adam Beck

As Australia’s peak smart cities body, we maintained an active program of activities and initiatives in 2017 to help build the smart cities movement. 

As we wind down for the festive season, we wanted to share some of our highlights for the year. Here’s how 2017 played out:

We started building, in partnership with government and industry, the Code for Smart Communities, ensuring urban development projects in our growing cities and towns embrace smart cities technology. Read more here.

We launched Task Forces for the Built Environment, Social Impact and Policy and Leadership. The Centre for Civic Innovation was also launched. Read more here.

We catalysed a national discussion on smart cities standards, by hosting a national roundtable and releasing a globally relevant guidance note. Read more here.

We teamed up with Green Cross Australia to explore the intersection of the Internet of Things and climate resilience. Read more here.

We announced we would host Australia’s only dedicated smart cities awards program. Read more here.

We partnered with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and the Internet of Things Alliance Australia to build the street of the future, weaving IoT throughout the landscape and showing the community what’s next for mobility. Read more here.

Austrade brought together Australia’s smart cities leaders, and introduced the world to them. Read more here.

We helped cities across Australia ready their organisations for smart cities technology investment. Read more here.

The Australian government released it’s first round of funding under the Smart Cities and Suburbs program. Read more here.

We are ready to talk about scaling from smart cities to the smart state, and we have some good ideas about what that involves. Read more here.

And we launched the Smart Cities Council Emerging Innovators network to ensure our future smart cities leaders are engaged, and active. Read more here.

And we have only started! We look forward to working with our partners, collaborators and peers as we enter what will be another critical year for smart cities in the region.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join Us.