SCCANZ In Action: 2018, here we come

Wed, 2018-01-31 10:36 -- Adam Beck

Having turned the corner into 2018, it feels like we have another big year ahead. We're just at the end of January, and already the momentum is building. Policy development, editorial project briefings, Task Force gatherings, international relations, presentations to local government and draft MoUs are already in motion. And our Emerging Innovators network of young smart cities leaders grows by the day!

We recently reached a major milestone – our industry briefing on Smart Cities Week Australia. This was our opportunity to provide everyone with a sneak peek into what our October conference will look like. To say we are excited is an understatement. We have opportunities open for sponsorship, program curation, session partnerships and media partnerships. You can sign up for further updates here.

And on conferences, mark the following in your calendar as the must attend events:

On smart cities deployment, we are excited about seeing the first cohort of funded projects roll out under the Australian government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs program.

On scaling smart cities investment, we are taking stock of the New Zealand Smart Cities Program evaluation report, and talking to partner organisations about what next for NZ.

On what's coming next, we are excited to be tracking the smart cities journey of our eight local government participants in the Smart Cities Chronicles. Stay tuned for our launch next month, and then the monthly updates on what it takes to embrace tech and data solutions for better city outcomes.

And finally, now is a perfect time to provide feedback on our 3yr Strategic Plan, neatly summarised on a page, and providing you with a dashboard-view of our core activities and initiatives.

Buckle up. It's going to be a big year for smart cities in the region.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join Us.