SCCANZ in action: And like that, it's been two years

Thu, 2018-08-09 03:47 -- Adam Beck

It’s been two years since Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand launched. Wow!

From a 'hunch' in January 2016, to Australia’s peak smart cities body in 2018.

Our reach and impact has surpassed our expectations. It has actually blown us away. And when we contemplate the 'why,' we identify the following as our keys to success:

  1. Being bold in our vision – to build a smart cities movement
  2. Filling in the gaps – avoiding replication of existing efforts by others
  3. Creating the best content – from in-depth learning resources, to light touch discussion pieces
  4. Collaboration for the win – sharing opportunity, supporting others and building a ‘tribe’
  5. Building readiness – at our core, enhancing knowledge, capacity and investment in smart cities action

We have enjoyed year-on-year growth, including an increase in the number of our partners, website traffic, social media followers and Task Force participants.

The number of government organisations using our resources and participating in our readiness workshops continues to grow. The daily enquiries, requests to present and invitations to engage are not slowing.

In the coming year we will continue to deliver on the four pillars of our strategic plan: producing quality information, delivering practical 'readiness' training, convening industry and government stakeholders, and working with government to create effective policy.

But there are two exciting projects we cannot hide our excitement about – Smart Cities Week Australia and the Smart Cities Project Activator.

Smart Cities Week Australia launches this year, with our vision to create the nation’s premier gathering of smart cities practitioners, policy makers and researchers. And we are on track to achieve this goal in our first year.

And at Smart Cities Week we will introduce the world to the Smart Cities Project Activator – a global platform for the creation, design, management and financing of smart cities projects. It will shine a spotlight on shovel ready de-risked smart cities projects around the world, something the investment community is desperately seeking. We firmly believe this will be a game changer for the global smart cities agenda.

From us to you – thank you. Your support of our efforts is deeply appreciated. And we have more to come.

Our cities, towns and regions need this agenda to succeed now more than ever. Time is short, and urgency is mandatory. We must invest, replicate and scale. And we are here to help facilitate this journey.

We are building a smart cities movement. We invite you to join us.