SCCANZ in Action: Building a movement requires learning, continuous learning

Wed, 2017-04-12 04:47 -- Adam Beck

As I sat in on the briefing by UrbanGrowthNSW last week regarding their draft sustainability strategy, it was clear they were on a journey. Not everything was complete, there were gaps and urban challenges they are seeking to address. But in the room was a diversity of views, interests and sectors. They put us to work, to help them figure out what could be done better, what might be missing and where should they prioritise.

Bringing peers together to exchange, listen and learn can be one of the most effective strategies for change. And building on this theory of change, SCCANZ today launches a new addition to its readiness program – Smart Cities In-Review.

Smart Cities In-Review is a process of peer and expert review for smart cities projects, facilitated by SCCANZ, with participation from its members and other industry stakeholders. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve project outcomes.

Smart Cities In-Review is a three hour session providing independent and impartial feedback on smart cities projects, whether it be a strategic plan or policy at a city-wide level, a project-level development (e.g. master planned urban development project), or a specific smart cities 'vertical' investment (e.g. smart street lighting, smart mobility platform, microgrid deployment).

The process involves a panel assembled by SCCANZ that constitutes leading multidisciplinary and multi sector practitioners and policy makers. Those on the panel, who are providing their in-kind support, value the opportunity to exchange their expertise with peers and the project custodian and above all, seek to advance the smart cities movement and the promotion of liveable, workable and sustainable cities.

The philosophy behind the Smart Cities In-Review process is to build capacity, advance the industry and build the movement. The process is built on the core principles of being independent, advisory, multidisciplinary, values-based and a forum for peer learning and exchange.

Smart Cities In-Review is an effective way to get an independent ‘check-in’ on your smart city policy, plan, program or project, from a multitude of views and perspectives. It involves methods of critique, strategic questioning and application of the SCC principles for smart cities.

The Smart Cities In-Review process is ready for testing and we are seeking three pilot projects who are willing to learn with us and refine the process.

If you think your project (policy/plan/strategy/project) could benefit from the richness of multidisciplinary independent review, at a moment in time, check out the information pack here.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join us.