SCCANZ In Action: Here comes the Code for Smart Communities

Thu, 2017-07-06 02:35 -- Adam Beck

Yesterday we made a huge announcement on our partnership with the Green Building Council of Australia to develop the Code for Smart Communities.

The media release can be found here.

This is a global project for the Smart Cities Council, but is starts here, in the Australia/New Zealand region, before we take it internationally.

For the next three months, a group of committed smart cities practitioners and policy makers will undertake a sprint development process to scope the core goals, principles and metrics for smart urban development. In October, we will take a draft of the Code and show it to the rest of the world at Smart Cities Week in Washington, D.C., our international conference that brings together government and industry smart cities leaders.

The Code will become a voluntary reference guide for urban development projects, helping them frame their approach to embracing technology, data and intelligent design to accelerate the best possible sustainability outcomes.

Over the coming months we will bring industry and government together to work on the Code. You can take an active, or passive role, depending on your time constraints. Join one of our Studio Sessions to work along-side your peers in workshopping the Code’s content, or put your name on the reviewer list.

We have set up a place on our website where we will post notices and draft materials. And we have started with our Scoping Paper, a document that provides an overview of what we are doing, and why. Please check it out and provide feedback. And more importantly, get involved in a studio session, be on the review panel, or become a sponsor.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join us.