SCCANZ In Action: If not for social impact, then what?

Wed, 2017-06-28 06:59 -- Adam Beck

The smart cities movement has much to offer from embracing technology, intelligent design, and harnessing and analysing data.

The opportunities are immense, and we write about them every day here at the Smart Cities Council. We have amassed the world’s largest library or smart cities articles and resources. We have much to celebrate as an industry, and movement.

But last year we realised there was something missing. Where were the stories about the transformative impact on people lives from the smart cities movement? How are we helping those most vulnerable in our communities? The sick, the elderly, the homeless and the poor? What about indigenous communities, refugees, or other minority groups?

This deep commitment to human prosperity led to our launch of Compassionate Cities, a campaign to shine a spotlight on the way technology was providing life-changing opportunities to those in most need.

And the great thing is that this campaign continues to grow, and the work of our partners in this agenda continues to be highlighted to catalyse inspiration and generate more investment in the idea of smart cities for social impact.

To build on this approach of using technology and data as a force for social good, SCCANZ today launches an expression of interest process for its Social Impact Task Force.

The Social Impact Task Force will be part ‘think tank’ and part ‘do tank’, to help lift-up opportunity for our most vulnerable populations, and build thriving communities through the application of technology, data, and intelligent design.

We don’t have a clear agenda, but we have some robust ideas. The Task Force will help create the agenda — and an action plan — that will help SCCANZ be Australia’s foremost advocate for smart cities being a model for community prosperity and opportunity.

Task Force membership is open to representatives of organisations that are passionate about the opportunity of the intersection of technology and social change.

This Task Force will have part of its focus on social equity, and the conditions contributing to it. This will support our goal helping people affected by poverty, inequality and disadvantage.

We are also excited about other core social issues we are interested in advancing – affordable housing, community engagement, human rights, neighbourhood sustainability, and health and wellness.

You can download the information pack here.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join us.