SCCANZ in action: Smart urban development, defined

Thu, 2018-05-31 06:54 -- Adam Beck

For well over a decade urban development in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world has pursued an agenda of sustainability. The goal has been to shape our urban development practices, so they can be better – for people, planet and economy.

Today, the Smart Cities Council released the next edition in its series of resources – a Smart Cities Guidance Note for Smart Urban Development. This resource provides further guidance to the development industry on how smart technologies and data solutions can not only support sustainable urban development but strengthen and accelerate its stated outcomes.

At the heart of the guidance note is a set of five principles underpinning the definition of a smart community, which we simply created as:

Smart urban development is development that uses technology, data and intelligent design to enhance the community’s liveability, workability and sustainability.

The five underpinning principles are:

Strategic - Smart urban development is guided by a strategy that clearly identifies how investments in technology and data solutions will be made in order to accelerate liveability, workability and sustainability outcomes.

Connected - Smart urban development has access to high speed and ubiquitous connectivity while maintaining the interoperability of connected devices.

Aware - Smart urban development invests in the collection, integration, analytics and communication of data as a basis for building awareness, insights and optimisation of its services and performance.

Responsive - Smart urban development supports a culture of ongoing positive change afforded through the insights and intelligence gathered from data.

Innovative - Smart urban development builds a culture of creativity, equity and agility to help advance opportunities for innovation.

The Guidance Note can be downloaded here:

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Submitted by Lio HEBERT on
Happy to find this Guidance Note. I think it will contribute to structure the efforts placed towards developing smart cities and help consultancies like mine better define their services... I was surprised though, that cybersecurity didn't appear anywhere in the 5 principles (nor anywhere actually in the Guidance Note). Can someone explain why it's not there? Thanks, Lio

Submitted by Adam Beck on
Hi Lio, thanks for your comment, and hope the document provides support to industry and government. Security, as well as other key outcomes such as privacy, are identified within the relevant principles. We also refer to the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards. The next phase of the project will dig deeper into metrics, where these issues will again be highlighted. Many thanks again for your interest. Regards, Adam