SCCANZ in Action: A step closer in making IoT procurement less uncertain

Sun, 2017-05-07 05:54 -- Adam Beck

SCCANZ Partner KPMG has launched an IoT Innovation Network to help smart cities navigate the technology ecosystem. A move that is likely to help us get closer to taking the uncertainty out of IoT procurement.

 It has been forecast that Australia could generate up to $116 billion in annual economic activity from the Internet of Things by 2025. This is a big number, and a huge opportunity. KPMG’s view is that to unlock this economic benefit it requires a rich ecosystem of IoT innovators and technologies. 

The KPMG IoT Innovation Network is a growing ecosystem of emerging and established technology and service organisations driving the development of IoT solutions in Australia. The network provides information to help KPMG clients navigate the IoT ecosystem; offering key insights into innovative solutions, supporting business model development, vendor selection strategies and technology enablement.

Paul Francis, KPMG Smart Cities Lead says, “The IoT Innovation network provides cities with a method to navigate the complex technology and solution provider ecosystem, helping them identify and deliver the most appropriate solutions as part of their Smart City roadmap. For example, if a city is seeking a Smart Parking technology solution, we can tap into the network to help identify not only the potential solution providers, but those who have provided such services in a similar domain and at a similar scale, or level of complexity

Additionally, a technology or service organisation that joins the IoT Innovation Network can access market opportunities that they may otherwise not be aware of, or can respond to alone.

For cities that would like to tap into the network, or for vendors and solution providers that would like to join the KPMG IoT Innovation Network, visit the website here.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join us.