SCCANZ in action: We have redefined the smart cities conference, the lead up and follow up

Thu, 2018-04-05 09:11 -- Adam Beck

It needed to happen. We could not sit through another smart cities conference stuck on the keynote/panel discussion cycle. Wherever you turn, the same formula – people speaking at you.

Smart Cities Week Australia breaks the mould.

Here’s what we are doing to achieve this:

  • We are designing the program from an ‘experience’ perspective, as experience matters.
  • We are deeply engaging government and industry in the program design, from our industry briefings to our Open House this coming Monday in Sydney.
  • You get to choose what you want to do – listen to a keynote, sit around a boardroom table to engage in deep dialogue, get out the laptop and attend a masterclass, peer review a smart cities challenge, gather intelligence on what cities are up to, among other experiences.
  • Give back to a city and local community by participating in the Smart Cities Week Legacy project.
  • Join the team creating recommendations post-event on policy, practice and research to help catalyse investment and action.

And these are only some of the highlights.

We are also excited to launch our sponsorship pack, which provides a range of opportunities for government and industry to support Smart Cities Week and have their brand affiliated with this global event.

And on events, make sure you get along to these three SCCANZ endorsed events:

  1. The Total Facilities Expo (18-19 April in Melbourne) to hear all about smart buildings.
  2. The Australian Smart Communities Association Conference (9-11 May in Melbourne) to engage in everything smart communities.
  3. The World Cities Summit in Singapore (8-12 July) to mix with cities leaders in the APAC region, and beyond.

We are building a smart cities movement. Join us.