Smart Cities Council Readiness Program

Fri, 2017-05-26 21:36 -- Jon DeKeles
Readiness Workshops
If you are still early in your smart cities journey but want hands-on help to plan and prepare, consider hosting a Smart Cities Readiness Workshop. These workshops are highly-interactive sessions that bring the lessons of the Council’s Smart Cities Readiness Guide to life.
These are not one-size-fits-all classes. Rather, they are customized learning experiences that give you and your key staff and stakeholders a strong foundation in smart cities theory as it relates to your city’s goals. Depending on your needs, the workshop can be conducted in as little as a half-day; more advanced topics are addressed over a two-day workshop.
More than 600 smart cities practitioners have attended the Council’s Readiness Workshops. Cities like San Diego; Charlotte; Chicago; Boston; Dallas; Dubai; Nice, France; South Africa; Ajmer, India; and Allahabad, India have jump started their smart cities initiatives using the Council’s Readiness Workshops and Programs. 
For example, Boston used its Readiness Workshop to develop an initial plan with Boston Smart Utilities to redevelop a 200-acre site downtown. “Without the support of Smart Cities Council, we could not have harnessed the talent required to make this a success,” said Travis Sheehan, Senior Infrastructure Advisor, Boston Redevelopment Authority. Illinois’ Readiness Workshop was the U.S.’s first Smart States event, an event other states are evaluating to replicate.