Smart cities rankings, market projections and the week in data

Wed, 2020-03-11 15:01 -- Adam Beck

2020 has kicked off with a focus on data here at SCCANZ. We have commenced our engagement on the Declaration of Data Leadership, we have our first 'data talk' webinar on Privacy Impact Assessment scheduled and on our podcast we have begun interviewing stakeholders about all things data.

Our new series on the Chronicles podcast is called "The Week in Data". This series has us chatting with digital and data leaders on what they heard, saw and read during the week. Our first three episodes are up on the Chronicles, with more to come. 

From a data-driven built environment with Eric Louw of Aurecon, to business intelligence with Priscilla Short from Deloitte, 'the week in data' is as diverse as you could imagine. And in Episode 57, Dr Vanessa Savage-Douglas from GWI reflects on capacity and capability within our cities to value data and invest accordingly.

And while you are there, check out our latest episode covering the controversial topic of those smart cities rankings, and market spend projections. In Episode 58 we look under the hood on the methodology, results and practicality of such excercises.

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