Smart Cities for SDG's, what's the connection?

Wed, 2020-02-26 12:51 -- Adam Beck

For almost a year we have tinkered with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have been tinkering to try and understand how these globally accepted goals and targets could be a framework for purpose, for the smart cities movement.

And our work has been fruitful. We are sold!

We are sold on the SDG's being a resource that can guide our work - our project planning, shaping our dialogue and influencing our content creation. All new project work we commence typically starts with an image of the SDG wheel on the iPad, or a print-out on the desk. As we scribble around the goals, it forces us to remain outcomes focussed, and data driven. Knowing we have a framework that has everyone on the same page is of comfort.

One such project is our mapping of key technology and data enablers against each of the principles. Another is the identification of key underpinning SDG targets and how they may offer a basis for cities to develop smart cities performance indicators, or similar.

With a commitment to produce a report on the implementation of the SDG's, Australia and New Zealand are advancing various activities to engage with industry, academia and the community to deliver on this commitment. This is something we all need to be behind.

Join us in embracing the SDG's as a framework for smart cities action and investment in 2020.