Smart Cities Standards in Three Websites

Thu, 2018-01-04 20:27 -- Adam Beck

Smart cities standards are a representation of what best practice looks like. They can help build a common language around purpose, guide policy makers and practitioners and catalyse supply chain transformation. The other critical role of standards, which is often forgotten, is their role in helping build trade and investment opportunities across regions, and indeed around the world.

Globally its a busy time for smart cities standard development with various types of smart cities standards being created at national and international levels addressing strategic, process, and technical issues.

The Smart Cities Council is a strong advocate for standards, and the value they contribute to building a thriving and impactful marketplace. A key goal for the Smart Cities Council is to help build a culture within government and industry to embrace the value of standards and to support their advancement.

Here are three websites to keep on your watch list for 2018 if you are interested in smart cities standards:

  1. The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has a pipeline of smart cities standards under development, from smart cities indicators to strategy development. Check out the list here.
  2. The British Standards Institution (BSI) has one of the most comprehensive libraries of smart cities standards, guidance documents and supporting smart cities frameworks. You can peruse their library of standards here.
  3. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is advancing many projects to help build smart cities capability, including a new technology and process framework for planning smart cities. Further information about the project can be found here.

We encourage you to read more about the benefits of smart cities standards, and to help with that SCCANZ (in collaboration with its Partner company PCSG) has compiled a short summary of notable smart cities standards from around the world, which can be downloaded here.

And finally, for Australian policy makers and practitioners, Standards Australia (SA) recently participated in a smart cities standards forum in Barcelona as part of the Smart Cities Expo World Congress. This followed a forum on smart cities standards hosted by SA in Sydney in October last year, which has now become the catalyst for creating a national smart cities standards agenda.

2018 will be a defining year for smart cities standards in Australia, and we look forward to participating in this journey of helping build a thriving smart cities movement.