Smart Cities Week Australia New Zealand 2020 program launched!

Thu, 2020-05-07 09:02 -- Adam Beck

From April to November 2020 we will be delivering the the regions leading knowledge sharing and collaborative project planning series of activities for smart cities.

We are excited to shape our 2020 program around the theme ‘Future Nation’, which speaks to both the national advancement of smart cities across Australia and New Zealand, but also our need to ensure a digitally-enabled and data-driven recovery to what is becoming the greatest economic and social challenge of our time post COVID-19.

In 2020 the event will take on a unique and fresh approach to the idea of a conference. Rather that just convert our in-person to an online conference, or postpone or cancel it - we are delivering an even better experience that responds to our current global health, social and economic challenges.

This year we will be offering an experience that:

  • facilitates networking, knowledge exchange, leadership development and capability building
  • uses a diverse program of activities that are both on-line and in person - from live-streamed international keynotes to virtual roundtables, and case study presentations to online multi-week collaborative project planning
  • spans eight (8) months - from April to November 2020
  • brings the smart cities leadership community together for a final in-person Networking Day on 12th November in Melbourne.


Head to the SCW website to review the program.

Download the SCW brochure below which includes a 'Program at a Glance'.

If you are interested in aligning your brand with Smart Cities Week and elevate your business development goals in this challenging time, consider our sponsorship options as outlined in the Sponsorship Prospectus, which can be obtained by emailing:

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