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Data in the Smart City – The lightbulb moment when you understand we need to develop a Data Culture


Data alone can't do much to help us achieve our smart city goals. That's why guest author Chris Isles of Council Associate Partner Place Design Group believes we need to create a 'data culture' around the outcomes and solutions data can provide for us rather than the data itself.

SCCANZ In Action: 2017's greatest hits


As the year comes to a close, it's a time for looking back and assessing what we've accomplished. For the Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand 2017 was a hectic but very productive year. It was a year of new partnerships and collaboration, working with cities on their smart city plans and technology investments — and much more.

How Perth is setting the stage for driverless cars in Australia


With a successful driverless bus trial under their belts, the RAC of Western Australia, the state government and their vehicle manufacturing partner are taking another step forward: trials of driverless cars that will provide on-demand transportation services like those offered by Uber and Lyft.

Every Building, IoT Enabled: Our Interview with Beth Worrall


As part of our continued showcasing of smart cities leaders across the region, we caught up with Buddy Platform’s Marketing Manager, Beth Worrall. During the interview, we touched on everything from the smart building movement, IoT equity and climate change. A summary of our conversation is presented in this article.