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Does your city measure up? National Cities Performance Framework update


The Australian government has been working on a program to gauge how the country's largest cities are performing in a variety of areas (think housing and liveability, for example). Now that program details are available, we thought you'd like to know where it's headed.

SCCANZ in Action: Understanding smart cities standards is essential – and we can help


There's a rich global array of smart cities standards available for the asking. But we need an in-depth understanding of those standards before we can gain the most from them. Read our story to learn about a just-released Guidance Note designed to help raise awareness of the importance of standards and their benefits.

MEDIA RELEASE: Peak body releases smart cities standards guideline, calls for shared purpose and scaling within market


To raise awareness of what smart cities standards and frameworks are available, SCCANZ released a guidance note that provides foundational information on global smart cities standards and frameworks.

From apps to arms to spendy cleanups: Is there a right way to handle homeless camps?


Homeless camps have grown 30% in Oakland in the last two years. They're growing in Honolulu too, prompting one councilman to propose armed park rangers to keep public spaces safe. Is that the solution? Are there better ones? Learn what cities from Anchorage to Sydney are doing.

New report: How IoT can transform New Zealand's cities into safer, more liveable cities


As more and more businesses, industries and cities realise the value and potential for IoT, uses for connected technologies continue to proliferate. A new report from a New Zealand tech alliance outlines several examples of how IoT can help the country's cities become safer and more desirable.

What's a Ten Gigabit City, you ask? It's a head start to the future, says Adelaide


The city of Adelaide has very high hopes for its gigabit city network. Not only do city officials anticipate the city will operate faster and with more agility as it provides enhanced products and services — they expect businesses new and old will benefit greatly as well.

Is your data valuable? Sure (if you've got the analytics to turn it into gold)


Leaders in Australia's property sector know big data is important to their industry. But they will need to change their thinking by fully incorporating analytics into their planning and operations if they expect to wring the most value out of that data.