Engagement at SCC 2020

Tue, 2020-01-28 13:29 -- Adam Beck

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand is the regions leading smart cities knowledge partner and networking facilitator. Whether you’re seeking government only peer-to-peer networking, or multi-sector project discovery opportunities, SCCANZ has opportunities to build your knowledge, network and create projects.

Why the Readiness Challenge Matters

Thu, 2020-01-16 00:35 -- Philip Bane

The 2020 Global Readiness Challenge is the result of many years of hard work including analysis of city needs, challenge design, outreach campaigns and over 45 workshops in North America alone. In this process we learned that face to face interactions at workshops and conferences, while essential in the learning process, failed to accelerate actual project planning.

The Smart Cities Leader

Sat, 2020-01-04 06:44 -- Adam Beck

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand is the region's leading authority in smart cities. As a member-based organisation we dedicate our time to helping catalyse action and investment in technology and data solutions.