Arnowa is an Australian-born smart technology development company. We design, manufacture and implement Smart City and Industry 4.0 infrastructure and solutions that simplify processes, spark efficiency, enable collaborative engagement and promote sustainability.

Arnowa’s Multi-Utility Spatial Intelligence and Control system integrates with existing infrastructure to wirelessly connect the unconnected. Arnowa’s Multi-Protocol Edge Device is a one-of-a-kind product with unparalleled flexibility and agility. It combines the power of IoT, Big-Data and Artificial Intelligence with Arnowa’s highly customisable data visualisation, control, and analytics application ‘Carbon’ that supports proactive monitoring, converting data to knowledge, predictive maintenance, periodic reporting, alarming and remote controlling. This facilitates in improving operational efficiencies, reduced downtime, less spoilage, lower operational expenditure and a disruptive sustainable progression to the future. Arnowa’s ecosystem provides the end-to-end solution to navigate through the Smart City revolution.

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Jul 7 2020