Circular Cities: Driving a citizen-centric circular economy

Thu, 2018-11-08 17:51 -- Adam Beck

At Smart Cities Week Australia 2018 we explored what a citizen-driven circular economy might look like - the ideas, the actions and the opportunities. Thanks to Council Partner Broadspectrum, we were able to work with a number of leading cities who shared their views on this critical framework for building more sustainable, equitable and productive cities.

The outcomes of the session were best described by Broadspectrum's Head of Smart Cities, Narelle Turner:

"We are very pleased with our participation at the conference and the level of interest in the Circular Economy at the session. Our Council panel participants were all highly engaged and willing to share their areas of focus, successes and challenges, which made for interesting conversation and inspired the audience. Broadspectrum’s engagement with the panellists also increased our knowledge, to aid our journey on solutions development.
Key discussion points covered a lack of overarching government policy to support circular economy delivery at Council level, the role of citizen engagement in getting traction, and success, on projects, the necessity for waste treatment solutions to consider a circular solution, not linear models, the value of data in decision making and, connecting/collaboration within the smart city ecosystem.
A great outcome is that the six panellists are all now connected with each other and know that they are not alone in their journey. We look forward to continuing conversations to support their individual success in the Circular Economy".

A series of fact sheets were produced in the lead up to the session, summarising information about the circular economy journey of the participating cities, which are now available for download here.