In the Seam: From Smart City to Smart State

Thu, 2017-11-30 13:12 -- Adam Beck

This paper has been produced by SCCANZ to catalyse discussion and action around a smart state agenda for Australia. It presents a range of concepts and recommendations on how government and industry can use the City Deals process to accelerate the smart cities movement.

In the paper six core opportunities to accelerate smart cities action through a smart state agenda are discussed, along with specific recommendations for each, which includes:

  1. Developing the capacity of local government to innovate
  2. Aggregating demand for smart cities strategies
  3. Streamlining procurement
  4. Embracing new funding and financing models
  5. Building a data culture within government
  6. Activating smart precincts, communities, and campuses

The paper discusses each of these opportunities, highlighting recommended strategies such as e-portals for template specifications, declaring Digital Enterprise Zone’s within cities, developing data-driven performance dashboards and ensuring each state and territory government as a Smart State Strategy.