Smart Cities Readiness Cards

Thu, 2018-11-22 10:42 -- Adam Beck

The Smart Cities Readiness Cards have been created to support the Smart Cities Council's Readiness Workshop’s, as well as other forums it facilitates, helping to prepare organisations for smart cities action. Download your copy now to support your smart cities strategy development.

The cards are structured by the core functions of a smart city, as identified by the Council, which are to: Collect, Communicate and Compute data. Two additional categories are also provided; namely, Create and Consider.

These cards contain summary components from the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, the SCCANZ's acclaimed handbook for smart cities action. They should be used for workshop purposes only. For more detailed information consult the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, which can be found at

Arup partnered with the SCCANZ to produce their card set in order to compliment their Readiness Guide. The content has come from this source and is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list of smart cities initiatives and opportunities. This is a primer for a more holistic discussion about smart cities opportunities.

For more information refer to: drivers of OR