Internal fraud cost this city $50 million. How to keep all your tax revenue

Fri, 2016-05-06 02:20 -- Kevin Ebi

Cities spend a lot of time looking for citizens and businesses who are tax cheats, but what if the tax fraud is occurring within your own department? Cities lose millions that way — one lost $50 million. Find out what you can do to protect the tax revenue you collect.

Floods are killing people. More are coming. Here's how to prepare.

Fri, 2016-04-22 23:00 -- Kevin Ebi

Sudden floods are already causing significant deaths and severe flooding is only forecast to get worse. Yet flood warning systems aren’t getting better. A Rice University professor who built an advanced system explains how it works — and why your city should build one today.

4 proven steps to save water and money (Atlanta and DC are using them already)

Fri, 2016-04-08 23:45 -- Kevin Ebi

If your city hasn’t faced a water crisis yet, it’s only a matter of time: 70% of the world’s production areas will face shortages by 2050. Here are four steps you can take now to not only save a precious resource — they will also save you money.

Don't wait for self-driving cars. How Florida and NYC are getting traffic moving today

Sat, 2016-03-26 00:00 -- SCC Partner

Self-driving cars, once they arrive, are likely to improve traffic flow and safety. But why wait? Siemens is helping to bring some of the benefits of connected vehicles to Florida’s roads now. See how and learn about the steps New York is taking today to reduce its congestion.

Winning formula: Smarter stadiums equal more cash for your city

Sat, 2016-03-19 00:00 -- Kevin Ebi

A stadium is one of a city’s bigger investments. Are you getting your money’s worth? Discover how smart stadiums can get more people to the games, can get them to spend more and can help you cut operations costs — all delivering more money to your city’s bottom line.

A little help for your data woes? (Courtesy of the White House)

Sat, 2016-03-12 01:00 -- Doug Peeples

As important and effective as data analytics and management tools are for smart city planning and development, not every city has the resources to take advantage of it. But a new White House initiative, the Opportunity Project, could go a long way toward solving that problem. Is this something your city could use?

Want a smart energy future for your city? Here are 2 tools you really need

Sat, 2016-03-05 01:00 -- Doug Peeples

Many cities that want a sustainable, reliable energy future are going with renewables, advanced metering, energy efficiency programs or a combination of those and other technologies. Many others are planning to do the same. Regardless of your approach, data analytics and sensors are key to making it all work. Read the story to learn why.

If the buildings in your city could be smarter, here's one way to do it

Thu, 2016-02-25 01:00 -- Doug Peeples

Managing large commercial buildings for optimum cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency isn't easy. Just ask owners and operators. But help is on the way. IBM and Siemens are pooling their resources on a cloud-based building energy management system that promises to make those goals attainable -- and sustainable.

Pioneering cities wanted for European interoperability pilot (funding available)

Sat, 2016-02-13 01:00 -- SCC Partner

If you’re in Europe and you are interested in bringing together spatial and temporal data to improve your city, check out a new pilot city request that could provide some funds to help you do the work. The project is led by the Open Geospatial Consortium, which advocates for an open, vendor-neutral standards platform.