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Design Covenants Manager / Innovation Lead

I am is a passionate, driven professional with a degree in architecture and urban design, and post-graduate qualifications in sustainability and climate policy. I have >11 years of post-graduate experience, working in my native Germany, New Zealand and Australia in various roles. I currently work at Lendlease, where I manage the built form delivery for master-planned communities and the innovation framework for the WA region.
I witnessed the rapid change from hand sketching to 2D CAD and 3D models, and ultimately to BIM, first in Germany and then in Australia. The emergence of technology changed the way we design, document and manage our projects and, more broadly, live our lives.
As an architect working in property development, I see the need to promote interdisciplinary collaboration to foster innovation in the built environment and I am committed to challenging those outside the industry to join the global conversation about smart cities. I am not a tech head and am mainly interested in the governance and disruption around big data, as well as the potential for smart thinking to influence the way we design our cities.